I’ve long been casually curious and maybe not-so-casually nosy about the local real estate market, despite not presently being interested in pursuing property ownership. It’s to the point that when a new ‘for sale’ sign presents itself along our neighborhood evening walk route, my husband now wordlessly understands that our walk must be paused for urgent sign inspection and momentary “what if” daydreaming.

But the past year, as we’ve lived through a pandemic and been confined to our apartment more than ever before, has really brought my interest to never before seen heights. …

One evening when I was 11, I was bemoaning going to school in the morning.

My mom had taken me to get a haircut, which was an outing I always deeply dreaded as a kid. My hair tangled frequently, and I’d have to speak up and advocate for myself as I reminded the adult hair stylist to please take into account that when my hair was wet and combed, it would hang longer than it would once it dried.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

But, the hair stylist had gotten to chatting with my mom and by the time my hair had sprung back up…

Visiting a Target store is *An Event* when experienced with my mother.

Walking inside, she often lets out a contented sigh, sometimes accompanied by, “Don’t you just feel better now that we’re here?” before we begin the Target Loop. The Loop is an important ritual, always undertaken in a clockwise direction along the broadest walkway encircling the full store, allowing for an examination of all aisle-facing merchandise. (The Loop is necessary regardless of what’s on the shopping list and its respective location in the store.)

For a while, I laughed at my mother’s reverent Target love. What made Target any…

Allison Julander

learning ux design | pdx

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